OFSEA | FOASSE offers two levels of memberships.

Individual Teacher Membership (FREE)

Membership for individual Ontario educators will always be free!  Members receive access to OFSEA resources, Discord server, support documents, special promotions, professional development opportunities, and our monthly newsletter with the latest information about esports in Ontario.  Join or renew your membership today!

School Membership ($50 elementary school; $125 high school)

In order for students and teams to participate in OFSEA events and tournaments, they must be affiliated with an accredited Ontario school.  Registration must be completed by the school principal (or authorized designate) and membership fees must be received before teams may take part in OFSEA events.

Member schools are entitled to:

  • submit up to 5 teams per esport competition, and to participate in all OFSEA events and tournaments for the given school year without any additional fees;

  • participate in all OFSEA general meetings; and

  • exercise voting privileges on all OFSEA member votes and at the Annual General Meeting.

Register as a Teacher
Elementary School Registration
High School Registration