The Ontario Federation of School Esports Associations (OFSEA) is the official federation of Ontario elementary and high schools implementing scholastic esports programs. 


Interested in implementing a healthy scholastic ssports program where your students can learn how to game responsibly and develop skills that will help them with their future career paths?  If so, subscribe to OFSEA | FOASSE today and get connected!

Esports will rival the biggest traditional sports leagues in terms of future opportunities.

– Steve Bornstein, Activision-Blizzard

Why Esports?

Teach essential
STEM skills


Boost self-confidence and make friends


Improve executive functioning

Explore related
career pathways


Esports is one of the fastest growing areas of competitive sports and entertainment in the world, and involves far more than just playing video games!  Similar to traditional physical sports, esports offer competitive gaming in organized and supervised environments. 


Scholastic esports programs offer opportunities for students to develop skills in collaboration, problem-solving, leadership, communication, critical thinking, and social-emotional regulation while exploring related career fields and pathways, all while having fun!

Two Ways To Participate

Competitive Play

Our Championship Seasons are dedicated to our highest level of competition. Registered teams play weekly scheduled matches, with the top teams advancing to the Provincial Championship and National Qualifiers. 

Friendly Matches

Not sure if competitive play is right for you or your team?  No problem!  OFSEA also offers ongoing and open friendly matches which are informal and offer a way for all gamers to enjoy the thrill of esports competition without having to commit to a weekly schedule.   

Whether your district is looking to get started or already has an established esports program, join OFSEA | FOASSE for FREE and compete against other Ontario schools!

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